“We are passionate and particular about the provenance of our food.

The meadows and orchards, uplands and pastures, rivers and seas of England’s West Country provide our kitchen with the best raw materials for our menus”.

John Godfrey, Head Chef

We Love Families

Eating out with young children can fill even the most seasoned parent with dread. But fret no more. We love families. We’ve a nutritious children’s menu filled with favourites such as sausage & mash and spaghetti bolognaise, and we’ve packaged the main course with a drink and home-made ice-cream, so if all else fails you can bribe them with a treat!

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...made just for you

You’ll find the Devon roasted coffee unbeatable. The coffee machine itself is a work of art, with only two others in the UK. It’s worth popping in for!

The daily tip:

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At night Brazz really comes to life, so if you’re looking for a venue for a girls’ night out, get your cocktails, sharing platters and booth pre-booked.

Brazz booths are well located to enjoy the action and can seat between 6 and 10 people.

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